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Reason101 Alias8 CV Controller PDF GuideNext up in the Reason101 series of PDF Guides for Rack Extension devices, I chose to cover the Alias8 CV Controller from Peff, a virtual controller “bridge” between your hardware surface and the Reason Rack. Control other instruments in the Reason Rack via CV inputs & outputs that you set up in any way you like. You can use it to create a Template or multiple Templates to allow one main place where all your devices are controlled (acting as a Hub). Though the controller can be mapped to any MIDI Control surface, it excels if you have the Alias8 from Livid Instruments, on which it is modeled, providing very tight integration between that controller and Reason. One of the most flexible controllers inside the Reason Rack.

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Here, I put together an 8-page PDF, with an introduction and overview of the Alias8, and some creative ideas for how to use it in practical routing scenarios. If you are familiar with the book I wrote on the core devices in Reason, then you’ll already be familiar with the layout. There’s a bunch of samples on the book page which you can download to get an idea of how these PDFs are put together. Here’s an outline of what you’ll get in the Alias8 guide, specifically:

  • Complete coverage of the device, both front and back, with all controls and routing options explained.
  • Explanation of how to map the Alias8 to your MIDI Controller hardware
  • Plenty of Tips & Tricks
  • 5 Tutorials:
    • Switching Alias8 knobs from Unipolar to Bipolar
    • Alias8 Combinator Control
    • Alias8 Master Crossfader
    • Enabling Matrix Patterns & Pattern Switching
    • Alias8 Step Sequencer

And the cost for all of this? $1.99 – the cost of a cup of coffee (or tea, for my friends across the pond).

Purchases can be made here:

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Also don’t forget that the book, which covers all core Reason Devices & 8 Rack Extensions is still available over here:

Any questions, ideas, suggestions, please feel free to comment below. All my best & happy Reasoning!

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