Apr 242014

Thorium ReFill for Reason 4.0+Reason101 & Odarmonix are proud to present the Thorium ReFill for Reason 4 and above. 500 fresh new sounds for Reason’s flagship Thor synth. Built over a 2-year period, constantly crafted and honed to provide a full assortment of sounds that range over a wide variety of instruments. This is the perfect all-encompassing Thor package, which doubles as a learning experience to develop your Thor skills as well. Every effort was made to provide a wide array of sounds that utilized Thor to its fullest. Every rotary, button, mod wheel & pitch bend wheel have been fully mapped to provide expanded sound options for each patch.

What’s included?

The ReFill contains 500 Thor patches, which are categorized as follows:

  • 44 Bass patches
  • 43 Chiptune & Glitch patches
  • 23 Guitar & String patches
  • 10 Hybrid patches
  • 50 Pad patches
  • 56 Percussion patches
  • 17 Piano & Organs patches
  • 16 Rhythmic patches
  • 18 Sequenced patches
  • 21 Special Effect patches
  • 26 Sweep patches
  • 58 Synths (Monophonic) patches
  • 55 Synths (Polyphonic) patches
  • 38 Texture patches
  • 2 Vox & Choir patches
  • 23 Woodwind patches

Cost & Purchase

The cost of the ReFill is $39.99 USD. Purchases are made through Paypal here:

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ReFill Sound Examples

I’ve put together a collection of YouTube videos to demonstrate the sounds you will find inside the ReFill. Have a listen. The first video goes over the Basses, Chip tune, and Glitch sounds:

The second video goes over the Guitar, Strings, and Hybrid sounds:

The third video goes over the Pad, Piano, and Organ sounds:

The fourth video goes over the Rhythmic and Sequenced sounds:

The fifth video goes over the Special Effect and Sweep sounds:

The sixth video goes over the Monophonic and Polyphonic Synth sounds:

And finally, the seventh video goes over the Texture, Vox & Choir, and Woodwind sounds.

Thanks for checking out the ReFill. As always, happy Reasoning!

  4 Responses to ““Thorium” ReFill”

  1. I’m sorry but the Thorium ReFill is only available for Reason at the moment. There are also no plans to port this over to Thor for iPad. However, check out some of the Free ReFills available via the various Projects pages. Several of the files I make available for free will work on Reason Essentials. Hope that helps.

  2. Hey there,

    Just wondering if it would be possible to get these patch files outside of the Propellerheads Refill format? I have purchased the iPad version of Thor, and am looking to add these patches. But as I do not have the full version of Reason (I have essentials) I cannot use a Thor refill.

    Anyway, just wondering if it was possible to sell these in a zipped format?

  3. Shawn,
    I already answered you in a private email. But basically, you were confusing the Free Patch Pack with 20 Thor patches with the Product that has 500 Patches. Cheers!

  4. Hello,

    I just purchased this refill right now and when I open the folder, there are only about 20 Thor Patches inside… What happened to there being 500???!

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