“Generations” Refill

This refill is a collection of some very deep Modular Audio Processing Systems, along with some very powerful Layered Synths and Drum Kits. Over 600 patches, loops and samples. The 30 MB Refill works with Reason 4 and above, as well as Reason+Record 1.0 and above. The cost is $49.00 USD.

What is the “Generations” ReFill?

Reason 101 "Generations" Refill

 This isn’t your older brother’s typical refill! The Reason 101 “Generations” refill is a collection of some very deep Modular Audio Processing Systems capable of redefining and regenerating your sound. There are also some very powerful Layered Synths, Drum Kits, Arps, Samplers, and all manner of synth device patches to wet your sonic appetite. Over 600 patches, loops and samples. The refill is approximately 30 MB in size, and will work with Reason 4 and above, as well as Reason+Record 1.0 and above.

The refill is available for purchase. The cost is $49.00 USD. No hidden fees. No taxes. No shipping. It is available via Paypal as a direct download. Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with a link where you can download the file. And yes, Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, and all the typical credit cards.

I’m still debating whether or not the refill will be made available on CD. It depends on how many people show interest in this distribution method. So if you prefer to obtain the refill on CD, contact me at my Email and I’ll arrange it for you.

Not sure if this ReFill is right for you? Download the generations-press-kit which includes the full “PDF User Guide” before you purchase.

What’s included in the ReFill?

  • Modulation Audio Processing Systems9 Modular Audio Processing Systems (14 .rns template files)
    • ADP (Audio Drum Processing) System
    • ACS (Audioplay Control System)
    • EMG (Evolving Mood Generator)
    • FM6 (Mono FM 6-Op Playground)
    • EPG (Evolving Pad Generator)
    • RAM (Random Audio Madness)
    • EEF (EQ-Echo-Filter) System
    • DRS (Deep ReGlitch System)
    • BPS (Bass Processing System)
  • 94 Combinators (Arps, Drum Kits, FX, Layered, Pads, Samplers, Synths)
    • Massive Drum Kits & More
    • Layered Olympic Patches (Layered Synths)
  • 280  Thor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Leads, Pads, Synths, Textures)
  • 87 Malstrom patches (Bass, Drums, Pads, Synths, Textures)
  • 103 Subtractor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Pads, Synths)
  • 21 DrRex loops (from 80 bpm – 160 bpm; mainly used for showcasing some of the combinator examples)
  • 11 Samples (.wav files; mainly used for showcasing some of the grain sampler combinators)
  • 10 Demo Songs courtesy of Hydlide (.rns files)


The Generations ReFill cost is $49.00 USD. Purchasing is done through Paypal. After payment is made, you will be able to download your product.

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Demo Videos

Here’s a few demo videos showcasing the various patches you’ll find inside the Generations ReFill:

The Layered Olympic Patches:

Massive Drum Kits:

The BPS (Bass Processing System):

DRS (Deep ReGlitch System):

EEF (EQ – Echo – Filter) System:

RAM (Random Audio Madness):

EPG (Evolving Pad Generator):

FM6 (Mono FM 6-Op Playground):

EMG (Evolving Mood Generator):

ACS (Audio Control System):

ADP (Audio Drum Processing):

And here’s a video that I did to give you a better example of the audio you can get from the system:

“Generations” Refill License Agreement (because some people still need one):

By downloading, installing or otherwise using the sound samples, audio files or musical examples of the Reason 101 “Generations” refill, you are entering a single user license agreement with Reason 101 (Robert Anselmi), and agree to be bound by these legal terms. The contents of this refill are copyright free for use in any original commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions.

With the purchase of this download or CD, you have acquired a single license. As the owner of this electronic refill file or CD, you may access the sound samples, audio files and musical examples directly from it. You may also install the electronic refill file or CD in a single location on a hard disk or other storage device. You may not copy it to additional sites over a network or make additional copies for use on additional networks or sites. You may make one copy of this electronic refill file or CD, strictly for backup purposes only. This single user license agreement prohibits usage by multiple clients.

You are prohibited from renting, leasing, sub-licensing, or re-issuing this product. You are prohibited from copying or duplicating this product or any of the contained samples in part or whole for the purpose of re-distributing, or reselling this product.
You may not give, trade or lend copies of this product in part or whole to others (includes electronically transferring the contents of this CD from one computer to another over a network or via a modem). To protect yourself and others you are working with, ensure that others you are working with do not illegally take copies or duplicate this electronic refill file or CD in part or whole.

The sound samples, audio files and musical examples on this CD can not be reformatted, re-synthesized, mixed, filtered, edited or altered for use in any kind of competitive commercial sampling product/package or software, – this is strictly prohibited without the express written consent from the author (Robert Anselmi). The author (Robert Anselmi) has the absolute discretion to prohibit commercial use of any sample on this CD if any of these terms are violated.

Any infringement of copyright will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

© 2010 Reason 101 (Robert Anselmi), All rights reserved.