As this site grows in content and an abundance of great ideas from users such as yourself, I’m finding that more of my time is spent putting together new material and generally trying to make this a great resource for everyone in the Reason/Record community. I’m also getting different requests from users on how to do certain things, and also many great people out there are sparking me to find new ways to achieve things in Reason/Record. I don’t want this to stop, so please keep the questions coming. I’ve always believed that this site is a joint partnership between you and me. And I would certainly like to keep it that way.

So now is the time in this partnership in which I ask you to give something back, not just to me, but to everyone else out there in the Reason/Record community. Here is how you can help both of us achieve our goals:

  • Donate. This helps me pay for hosting costs and my time creating the patches and tutorials for you. If you like what you’re reading, watching, or listening to on this site and want it to continue, or if you use my patches in your work, then please make a donation. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. I do 100% of this for free, and I would like to keep it that way.
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  • Donate your comments and questions. Positive critical comments are always welcome. If you have a better way to do things, or know a workaround to an issue that I don’t, we all benefit. If you have a question, I’ll try my best to answer it, work out a patch for you, or help you in any way that I can. If I can’t, I’ll usually have a suggestion or two on where you can find the answers you seek. Just please keep things on topic and be specific and clear.
  • Donate an article, patch or refill. I won’t guarantee I’ll post it or review it, but if you have some method or technique that you think is really hot, or you have some kick ass sounds, send me an email and let me know about it and I might just feature you under the “Contributor” section. Email me privately if you want to know where to send any CD or DVDs if your refill is too large to send. Are you really going to say no to free promotion?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and do your part to make this site and all the content within it a success! Now let’s go make some great music!

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  1. Nope. Once you take the entire group and merge them into one audio signal, you can’t then split them out again. But what you could very easily do is process each drum sound using multiple Scream devices set the same way but applied individually to each drum, then EQ each one individually and then merge the whole thing after using a submixer. That would effectively give you a similar result (not exactly, but close).

    Also, another point. It’s perfectly valid to EQ before you compress, and I can think of several circumstances where you want to do this. In fact, I would probably apply EQ before compression, and not the other way around. My preferred chain of events is as follows: EQ > Stereo Imager > Compressor > Maximizer. Not to say this is always what you want. However, I don’t see any reason to compress before EQing. So try putting the EQ after the drum, getting it to sound exactly the way you want with EQ, and then send it through a Scream tape compressor and then on to the Mixer. You might find this gives you a better sound. If you compress before you EQ, you’re compressing unwanted sounds, and then carving out those unwanted compressed sounds afterwards. But if you EQ first, you remove all the unwanted sounds, and then apply compression only on the sounds you want to keep.

    So I’m not sure where you’re reading that you should compress first. Personally, there’s very few situations I would do that, unless I’m going for a very specific type of sound for effect, rather than for mastering purposes.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I have a question along the same lines as the previous drum eq/compression question. I love to use the Scream Tape Distortion effect on my drums. The warmth created by the compression is lovely. I have found that using this eliminates the need for parallel compression. Unfortunately, when I do this (from what I know), I have to EQ each individual drum sound prior to running them all through the scream tape compression together. I have read many articles that state it is better to EQ after you compress however. Using the scream tape compression on each individual drum sound would allow for this, but it would not give the desired effect of squeezing everything together. So here’s the question, is there any way to run a group of sounds through one effect together and then have them split back into individual tracks?

  3. @Ohmen,
    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with. Let me have a listen. Send me a PM.

  4. Ok so I’ve recently been exploring the wavetable osc for thor…we have modern talking, and more that will satisfy all of our needs as far as robotic sounds go. I’m going to put up some tutorial videos on how to use these and make a vocoded synth that will fuck your songs up and make you sound like kill the noise, skrillex, and excision, I just got into rapping so I’m not much of a dubstep guy anymore, though I still love it, I’ll be making patches for thick ass reese basses, scary growls, liquidy wobbles and maybe a few ambient pads along with tips to mix them into your song like a pro and keep the beef that they provide, I will probably be selling a patches pack for like $5 or $10 USD, you guys are gonna show up the ableton users with no problem now hahaha, i have hardly anything on my soundcloud but I’m going to put a sampler track up to show you guys what is possible with Reason

  5. @Greg,
    I’m not sure what might be causing that. Did you consult the manual for both the keyboard and reason? Did you ask around in the Reason forums? When it comes to specific MIDI hardware issues, you’ll probably get a quicker answer there. Good luck.

  6. hi rob,i just hooked my keyboard up to reason 5 and it seems to work fine accept for one thing everytime i record it seems to register almost short stacco like notes no matter how long i hold them on the keyboard i must have it on some wrong mode or something


  7. @Jagwah,
    That’s an interesting approach. Hadn’t thought of that. You can also put a few echoes in series through the Breakout jacks to extend your echoes. Selig showed us a way to do this on the Propellerhead Forum. I might do a writeup on extending echoes and include both of these ideas. I’ll have to play around with it a bit first. And also have a few more tutorials to put together. But thanks for that idea.

  8. Hi Rob,
    Did you know if you want to use The echo for a long echo – perhaps a vocal repeating for a long time, you can add the breakout effects whenever you like by sending the breakouts to the ins and outs of a line mixer, and adding the effects as auxiliary send effects of that line mixer, and then turning the AUX knob on the line mixer – but you need to be VERY careful with that AUX knob as it is very sensitive.
    Delayed double triggered echo anyone? 😀

  9. @Brian,
    I have a feeling this has more to do with the RPG-8 than it does with Blocks overriding each other (which they shouldn’t). So my quick answer would be to duplicate the devices, and set one set of devices to automate in Block 1 the way you want, and set up the second set of devices to automate the way you want in Block 2. Try that out first and see if that doesn’t get you where you want to go. The Redrum will stay the same (with the same drum sounds in both), but the RPG-8s will be set differently in each block. That’s my initial thought. Let me know.

  10. Hi there,

    Rob ive been making some beats with the arp and the redrum and ive been having fun turning the gate function all the way up and the effect it produces but i have a problem.If i automate the gate in say block one a certain way sometimes ill want a differant automation is block 2 but ill get the same automation in both like one overrides the other. I dont have this problem when i draw it in only when i automate with knobs (which i like better cause of the control). Is there a way to seperate those automations?


  11. @Carmen
    Possibly. Did you check to see how the CV is routed and how the audio is routed, as well as how the Combinator is programmed? Those hold the keys to explain how most patches work. If you are unfamiliar with any of these concepts, you should consult the Reason manual. This does a pretty good job of going over the basics.

  12. Hi there, Im sorry i didnt see your responce it was on the next page…but i basicly mess with the Knobs and do make some progress…even other ones like say the “chop-tron” sounds awsome..i mess with the features but it doesnt do much i must be missing something;)

  13. @Carmen,

    Unfortunately I don’t. But if you open up the effects, you can see how everything is routed, so you already have a tutorial inside the patch itself. Why not take a look and study how its set up? Most likely, it sounds like it’s using the Echo’s Roll function right? Or is it a DDL delay line? I haven’t looked at the patches, I’m just assuming based on the name. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial down the road about “Freeze / Stutter” effects, but setting them up should not be that difficult. So have a look inside the Combinator and see if you can figure it out first.

    All my best,

  14. Rob, do you have any tutorials on some of these combinators like: ‘ freeze stutter run’ under the ‘create effect’ ..they look pretty wild ive been messing with them.
    ~just wondering

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