As this site grows in content and an abundance of great ideas from users such as yourself, I’m finding that more of my time is spent putting together new material and generally trying to make this a great resource for everyone in the Reason/Record community. I’m also getting different requests from users on how to do certain things, and also many great people out there are sparking me to find new ways to achieve things in Reason/Record. I don’t want this to stop, so please keep the questions coming. I’ve always believed that this site is a joint partnership between you and me. And I would certainly like to keep it that way.

So now is the time in this partnership in which I ask you to give something back, not just to me, but to everyone else out there in the Reason/Record community. Here is how you can help both of us achieve our goals:

  • Donate. This helps me pay for hosting costs and my time creating the patches and tutorials for you. If you like what you’re reading, watching, or listening to on this site and want it to continue, or if you use my patches in your work, then please make a donation. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. I do 100% of this for free, and I would like to keep it that way.
  • Donate a link or a mention. Spread the word in any way you can. Let people in other message boards and blogs know about Post a link in your own sites and blogs, and tell everyone that this resource is completely 100% free for any and all musicians under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.
  • Donate your comments and questions. Positive critical comments are always welcome. If you have a better way to do things, or know a workaround to an issue that I don’t, we all benefit. If you have a question, I’ll try my best to answer it, work out a patch for you, or help you in any way that I can. If I can’t, I’ll usually have a suggestion or two on where you can find the answers you seek. Just please keep things on topic and be specific and clear.
  • Donate an article, patch or refill. I won’t guarantee I’ll post it or review it, but if you have some method or technique that you think is really hot, or you have some kick ass sounds, send me an email and let me know about it and I might just feature you under the “Contributor” section. Email me privately if you want to know where to send any CD or DVDs if your refill is too large to send. Are you really going to say no to free promotion?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and do your part to make this site and all the content within it a success! Now let’s go make some great music!

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  1. hello, has it is i was wondering has a reason user and SoundDesigner if i could reference your blog site in my web page has a source for knowledge about reason if yes tell me what to do and what is the logo, for further questions please contact me. Ho i have some material also we could talk about it why not i send to you some of my stuff perhaps you couls post it too.. thks Luis Bicho-Portugal

  2. Luis,
    You can reference my site anywhere you like. I don’t currently have a logo. If you want, get in touch with me by email at and we can talk about what material you would like me to post.

    All my best,

  3. I’m totally new to mixing and DJing but I love Dubstep and have tried to make some stuff with FL studio (bobobebo on soundcloud), but I feel limited and am moving on to Reason. However, I have next to no money, no MIDIs or hardware, and not too much digital music or music theory expirience. Any ideas of where I should get started? (I mostly need help with hardware suggestions for price vs. value and reviews). Thanks for the help, having forums like this helps everyone out so much. Keep it up!

  4. Bobby,
    It’s tough to say where you should start. It all depends on what your background is and where you would like to take your music. If you already play an instrument, then you’ll want to probably get a hardware interface to play and record your instrument into your computer. It sounds like you already have Reason, so you have the virtual instruments down. You might want to consider Record (also from Propellerhead Software). If you don’t have the cash for that, then you might want to try Reaper software: which will allow you to record your instruments.

    Also, if you’re using Reason, I would recommend getting a good USB Midi Controller which allows you to input notes and play the reason devices from a tactile interface. Look up Novation’s line of SL Controllers: In my mind they have the best controllers out there and they are not too expensive and will do the job well. Of course everyone has their own preference. Korg makes good controllers as well. You should definitely try them out at your local music shop before you commit. That’s something you MUST do in my opinion.

    I would also recommend a good field recorder if you want to record your own samples. Anything above and beyond that depends a lot on what you want to accomplish. That might be all you need. But you might want something more than that. But whatever you do, start with what you know and figure out where you want to go (what your goal is). That will determine what comes next in your purchases. Oh and you might want to consider a good set of monitors and/or headphones if you don’t already have them. Those are the big purchases in a nutshell.

    Good luck!

  5. Recently found the site and very helpful it was. Top man for doing all of this. Helped me with the Kong Machine alot.

    Will defo keep checking back for updates etc.

    Thanks again


  6. GS,
    Thanks for posting your comment. I appreciate the thoughts and I’m glad that the posts are helping you out with Kong. I’m working on a few new ideas this week, so hopefully will have some more interesting stuff coming next week.

    All my best,

  7. Hi mate back again, Videos have been of great insight into some great new tricks etc. I was wondering if you have done any videos on Mastering, Mixdown etc.

    More so that im making stuff and i am obviously using EQ on all my sounds etc Compression etc. But really i need to know stuff in a little more detail. For example an 8 bar loop. Lets say its your Drum patten. KICK, SNARE,CLAP, HI HAT. How would you best EQ them etc. As alot of the time i always seem to have my kick punch threw just that little too much. I mean i am learning about freq cutt off points etc if that makes sense. I have quite alot of finished product’s and always making new bits but i am kind of put of from making more as i am not getting the full potential out of my previous work.

    What i am really asking is the best way to EQ drums to get the best possible sound.
    Thanks again for all the videos always a great watch

  8. Hi GS,
    Mastering and EQ are such difficult subjects to write about because they are so very subjective. It all depends on your taste, genre of music, style, etc. And there’s really no right or wrong to any setting or any way you work. The only crucial things to keep in mind is to ensure you don’t have any two instruments or multiple instruments’ frequency range clashing. Other than that, anything goes. Some will also say to make sure each mix has a wide frequency so that you have a nice mix of high, medium, and low frequencies in your songs. But even that is not always necessary or true. It really depends what you want to do with it all. I can recommend a really good series of articles on the Props site called “Record U” which has a few killer articles on EQ and mixing. I suggest starting there.

    In the future I might put together a few videos and tutorials to show what you can accomplish using the M Class devices, but that might be a while before I get to it. And lastly, I’m going to tell you what I tell everyone: Experiment, Experiment, Experiment! Try out all the different settings to see how everything works together. And also load up the Mastering Suites that ship with Reason and Record. They have some really nice ones. My favorites are the “Dance,” “Kompact,” and “Light&Wide” Suites. But try them all out, and open them up and see how they are set up. This is a great way to learn the differences in the sounds.

    All my best,

  9. Thanks alot for the info. When i have something done ill stick a link on here so you can have a look etc. Always supporting and loving the videos!

    Cheers mate



  10. @GS,
    Thanks for the comment. Glad you are getting something useful out of the postings. Would love to see what you’ve come up with.

    All my best,

  11. Over the next week or so i will send you a link of the track i am working on. Moving more towards rnb etc. It’s just a matter of the mastering as before. I mean im at that stage where im getting bit’s done and have some opportunities for the song’s being used by good artist’s but for me they have to be beyond perfection when it come’s to the mixdown and final end product.

    A bit mad to some but it has to sound as good as possible or it is a wasted effort to me. I will give you a shout soon and let you know

    Thanks mate


  12. gs,
    while I don’t mind listening to tracks, I would ask that you keep things on topic. This blog is not to promote tracks. It’s a shared resource for new and creative ways to use propellerhead software Reason and Record. If you need some advice or help on an aspect of the software, please feel free to contact me. But no track postings ok? I don’t place any advertisements on this site, and I ask that you do the same. Thanks for your cooperation.

  13. Thanks a bunch for all of the info. I’ve been a Reason user since 2.0 thru 3.4. Now have made the jump all the way to 5.0 and Record 1.5. Talk about overload!! I am spreading the word about your site.

    thanks again…


  14. hi,
    love the site. Some really good tutorials on here. I was after a bit of help. Ive been trying to get some good drum and bass bass sounds mainly a good reese. I found thsi tutorial but when I do it it does not sound the same as on the video. Thought you may like to give it a try and maybe post a patch if succsesful. I dont know where im ghoing wrong or if the tutorial is missing smoething,

    Woudl be a massive help the link is

    thanks and keep up the good work

  15. @Mr.Pitch,
    Well it goes something like this. . . Reese Bass Combinator – See if that Combinator works for you. You’ll have to add in your own notes. The author of that tutorial was adding his notes somwhere in the C1-C2 range I believe. Let me know if that fits the bill.


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