Feb 222015
94 - Synesthesia

In this tutorial, I’m going to walk through an interesting idea of taking images and turning them into sounds. Then I’ll go over a few different ways you can use these sounds musically within Reason. I’ve been toying with this idea for some time, and have found it useful for new and creative sound ideas. I’ve also found certain image types that work well, and others that don’t. So let’s start to explore the concept of synesthesia and how it can be combined inside Reason.

Feb 192015
93 - Organic Soundscapes

I recently challenged folks on Facebook to create an organic soundscape (https://www.facebook.com/groups/R101Challenge/). By organic, I mean sounds that come from nature and evolve naturally. This tutorial will highlight a few ways you can use Reason to create some of these organic sounds. Or at least, I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

Feb 032015
92 - Chenille Chorus RE (Part 2)

In this second installment of the Chenille BBD Ensemble Chorus RE, I wanted to take a look at some of the interesting things you could do with it. If you think that this device is simplistic, you’d be dead wrong. It’s a highly capable chorus device, with a lot of spirit all its own. And if you’ve used other devices by JP, such as Ammo, you’ll be quite at home tweaking this device’s parameters as well. Wide stages and delay range, two versatile LFOs with a broad assortment of parameter settings, dual depth/rate controls, dual filter, separate left / right mixing and feedback settings, and 3 different Phase modes, additional voices (Unison) — not to mention all the CV and automation options — all make this device one helluva Chorus!

Jan 272015
91 - Chenille BBD Chorus RE

The following is provided as an introduction to the Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble. You can consider this Part 1 of a 2-part expose on the device. In this first part, I will introduce you to the device, and it’s many parameters in a short summary. In the next part, I will delve further into the device itself, and show off some of the things it can do, offering a few of my own patches. Think of this as the technical side of things, and use it to become familiar with the ins and outs of the device. This is an infinitely powerful chorus device, that goes well beyond the stock Reason CF-101 in many respects. And in my opinion, it’s a top notch device that is well worth a look. I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.

Jan 232015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 8)

In this issue, I’m going to showcase two posts that deserve honorable mentions, just to give you the vibe of what the forum was like and those who felt strongly for / against it. I also thought it would be fitting to end this series on a note of finality. The few last comments that center around the Forum’s demise. And say thank you to the Propellerheads for the end of an era. Thank you folks!

Jan 222015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 7)

And here are a few more posts that people wanted preserved. Thanks to Benedict, Pedro, and Ben Coultry (3rdFloorSound) for these suggestions. As always, if you want me to remove any of your postings, let me know and I wisll do so. Thank you everyone. It’s sure been fun.

Jan 212015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 6)

In this installment, I decided to post some other random PUF pieces that didn’t fit anywhere else. All of these were requested by PUF members for archiving. As usual, if you see your name and want to be removed, let me know and I’ll be happy to remove your post. But this might give everyone a little glimpse into the Forum that once was, and what was scheduled for annihilation by the Props. Let’s get started.

Jan 202015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 5)

In this installment of “what to keep from the PUF” as a time capsule for future generations, I thought I would post a few of my own favorite posts I’ve started over the years. To highlight some of my own topics I’d like to save. Call me selfish or nostalgic or whatever, but I put a lot of my heart in these posts and I, for one, want to preserve them. Not to mention, a few of these still ring true today, especially #3 and #5. Go Props go!

Jan 192015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 4)

In this next installment, I’d like to take a moment to go over some of the feature requests that were posted to the forum. Note that most of the features centered around Reason, until the advent of Rack Extensions, iPad apps, and now Discover. All things that remove the focus and attention away from their main user base and pull their resources in many different directions. In my opinion, this chases the latest trend, and leaves them quite directionless. If it were my business, I’d drop all of it (except perhaps REs, since there’s really no going back on that one), and get back to basics: their Software; REASON!

Jan 182015
R.I.P. PUF (Snippets Part 3)

Now for the next installment of information worthy to be saved: A few Valuable Posts! Just to give everyone a flavor of what the Forum was, and some of the great discussions that went on. Here are a selection of posts in their entirety. As always, if you don’t want me to be posting any of this information, let me know and I’ll have it removed. The intention is to preserve a little of the history of what the Reason community was for the first 15 years; the good parts, at least. So here’s a little more sampling; Unabridged and unedited.