Dec 122011

Here’s an interesting patch that I submitted to the email in response to their first video in the “Reason Sound Design” series, a new series put out by the Propellerheads to help us all learn a little more about the Combinators inside the Factory Sound Bank, and allow the user community to submit their patches. I love it when they launch a new series!

Here’s the original video in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about this new series:

So without further ado, I give you my humble take on this type of technique. . .

The 4-Way X-Fade Echodile Deluxe

Download the .reason file (example) and Combinator patch here in zip file format: echodile-deluxe.

4-Way Crossfade Echodile Deluxe

4-Way X-Fade Echodile Deluxe

First, here’s a video to showcase what the Echodile Deluxe sounds like:

An explanation of the Controls:

Pitch Bend: This is connected to the Echo Envelope.

Mod Wheel: Connected to the Delay R Offset

Rotary 1: This rotary crossfades between 4 different Alligator Patterns, and is really the heart of the whole thing. It allows you to blend any two of the four Alligators together using a single Rotary. Ed Bauman came up with the idea of using the Thor’s Shaper set to a Sine wave to fade between four different Mixer Channels. If you want to know more about this little trick, I wrote about it here. So in the interest of full disclosure, I wanted you to know this was not my own idea. A good artist mimics, a great artist steals. According to Picasso anyway.

Note: In order to have all four Alligators Crossfade properly, you will need to either press the “Run All Pattern Devices” button on the Combinator, or press “Play” on the Transport first. Otherwise, the CV-based Thors’ step sequencers won’t start running, and that’s necessary to let the signal pass through them.

You’re also not tied to using these 4 Patterns. You can, of course, change them around to your liking, or else load completely new Alligator Patches into each of the 4 Alligators. In this way, you can really make this device “your own.”

Rotary 2: Echo Feedback. Simple enough. Mix / Max values are 0 / 72

Rotary 3: Shift. Allows you to use the Shift knob of all four Alligators at the same time.

Rotary 4: Delay Time. I ran out of Programmer assignments for the Echo unit, so I had to route this through the P-Pongy Thor’s Rotary 1 and send that into the Delay Time CV on the Echo. So you won’t see the delay move visually on the Echo.

Button 1: Freq. Shifter. The LFO from each Alligator is split out to all three filter frequency bands on the respective Alligators. This way you get some further Filter modulation if you want it. Turns it on or off.

Button 2: Smear. I love this little button. It cranks up the LFO in the Echo to give it a really nice gritty electro quality. Sweetness to my ears.

Button 3: Pingy-Pongy. Turns the Ping Pong of the echo on, but also wobbles both the Ping Pong Panning as well as the Feedback Offset R knob, based on the settings in the Pulveriser.

Button 4: Delay Time Sync. Turns on the sync.

Hope you guys have fun with it! 😉

  7 Responses to “Echodile Deluxe”

  1. Thanks. I’m glad this tutorial was a little clearer than the 7-days one. :-) Some days I have an easier time producing, and other days, not so much.

    All my best.

  2. Hi Rob….

    This is the way you could’ve done the ‘7 Days’ project. Much clearer and easier to follow.
    With a lot of Reason tricks there is so much going on you need to catch your breath.

    There’s some really good stuff on here. Looks like I’ll have plenty of fresh ideas now.


  3. Yeah! I’m looking forward to the next one

  4. @everything,
    Yup. A new series put on by the Props. They’re going to explore different patches in the factory sound bank. Not sure of the frequency, or how long it will go on, but you saw the first video in the series on my page here. And they are asking members to submit their own patch ideas. That’s why I put this together. Looks like an interesting series. :-)

  5. I never knew there was this event happening “Reason Sound Design” series.

  6. Navi,
    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nice patch and video.
    When I made my own response patch to Echodile I head a similar idea, but after all I decided to not use 4-way cross-fade.

    Here is my TriRollLoolGator FX (R6) ->

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