Selectable Thor Filter

In this set of video tutorials, I’m putting together a Selectable Thor Filter (with Envelope). Select between the 4 Thor filters, adjust Frequency and Resonance, as well as apply the Thor Step Sequencer to gate the Global envelope, which in turn adjusts the Frequency, Resonance, or Chorus Modulation Amount. Also switch between any combination of all three envelope destinations. Fun stuff!

I’ve been working a lot lately with effects, and thinking about producing a refill in the near future. I’m not sure of all the details yet, but in its creation, I’m fashioning a series of FX and this is one of them: A Selectable Thor Filter (with Envelope). You can apply this filter effect as an insert Combinator in any part of your audio chain in Reason or Record.

Selectable Thor Filter (with Envelope)
Selectable Thor Filter (with Envelope)

Download the Combinator patch here in zip file format: selectable-thor-filter.

Basically, it uses the Rotary 1 to switch between Thor’s 4 filters. If the rotary is set to the fully left position (at zero), then the filter is bypassed. Rotary 2 and 3 affect the Frequency and Resonance, respectively, and the Mod Wheel pushes the filter drive harder.

The interesting thing about this patch is the use of the Global Envelope to affect a few different parameters of Thor’s global section. First, I’ve programmed it so that button 4 is a toggle that turns the Envelope On/Off (incidentally, it also turns the step sequencer Gate on, which is needed to control the gating of the Global Envelope in Thor). Then Rotary 4 affects the Envelope amount.

What’s cooler in my opinion is the use of the first three buttons. Button 1 sends the Envelope to the Chorus Mod Amount. In order for this button to function, you must first turn the Chorus On (via the third button). Thinking about this now, you probably could asign both the Chorus On and Envelope > Chorus functionality to the same button. But anyway….

The second button sends the Envelope to the Resonance. In order for this to be effective, the Resonance must be set to a value other than zero (on Rotary 3).

If you would like to know more about how this patch was constructed, I’ve posted a two-part video series on youtube below:

Part 1: Creating a Selectable Thor Filter

Part 2: Creating a Selectable Thor Filter (creating the Envelope switcher buttons):

Hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think?

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