Monochrome Wiring

The ultimate in Combinator Backdrop design. This update expands on the previous “Psychedelic Leaves” backdrop design, providing 1 new Plate design and Scale option, as well as providing “+/-” indicators. All wrapped in a brand new “Monochrome Wiring” Background, with new colors. Use as is, or add in your own designs.

Download the Backdrop File (PSD – Photoshop) here: monochrome-wiring
Requirements: Photoshop CS 1. and above.

Description: The ultimate in Combinator Backdrop design. This one file extends the functionality of the original Reason template and takes it to new levels of flexibility. This update provides new design options and expands on the previous “Psychedelic Leaves” backdrop design even further. See the features (outlined below the 2 sample images). Note: The images below are sized down (i.e., lower quality). I assure you they look much better when applied to your Combinator.

monochrome wiring Combi backdrop with Semi Glow Plate design
Semi Glow Plate design with new Arrow Scales and +/- indicators
Monochrome Wiring Combi Backdrop design with Rivet Plate design
Outer Plate and Rivets Design with Bipolar Arrow Scales and new +/- indicators


All aspects of the design can be customized since everything is on separate layers. The following can be customized for all elements (both text and image elements):

  • Opacity of the Layer
  • Use of Layer Blend Modes on every layer
  • Color
  • Layer Styles
  • Hue/Saturation and other Adjustment Layers

Six types of Rotary Scales can be selected (The new Arrow Scales are shown in the first backdrop design image above). Note also that there are separate plus (+) / minus (-) indicators, which can be optionally selected if you like. They work in tandem with the Hash, Arrow and Point Scales and are shown in both of the images above. The six Scale styles are:

  1. Hash Scales (Reason’s default)
  2. Point Scales
  3. Arrow Scales (*new*)
  4. Bipolar Arrow Scales
  5. Ramp Scales
  6. Bipolar Ramp Scales
  7. Plus (+) / Minus (-) indicators (*new*)

Four plate designs (The new Semi Glow Plate design is shown in the first image above):

  1. Outer Plate with Rivets
  2. Inner Plate with Inner drop shadow and adjustable gradient overlay
  3. Separate Glow Plate design
  4. Semi Glow Plate design (*new*)

This time, I removed the Device Names that were in the previous backdrop file, and instead created a “Text Layers” folder set with both the Logo Name and Device Name layers included. This way, it’s easier to just change the name to anything you like, rather than sifting through a bunch of text layers to find the name you want. The Device Name is placed in the top-right section of the Combinator, so it is visible even when the Combinator is minimized. Note that you can also adjust the color, opacity, text, layer style, etc. of each text layer separately

Top and Bottom of the Background is divided into separate layers so you can fill the top and bottom with different designs, fill colors, images, etc. The top portion has transparency locked so you won’t accidentally fill in the bottom portion. So it’s as safe as can be.

The bottom portion of the background has a simple gradient fill layer in which you can adjust how much gradient (lighting) to apply to the design (or turn it off by hiding it if you wish).

Basically, you have a wide degree of control over the look and feel of the basic design. Let me know what you think, and let me know if there is a way I can add to this or make further adjustments. Right now, I’ve made it very flexible. But I’m always looking at ways I can expand on this design and future designs.

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