Nov 182015
96 - Parsec Additive Synth

Parsec is a Dual-sound engine Additive Synthesizer, which can produce up to 512 sine waves. Each of the sound engines come equipped with 2 modulators, pitch controls, and combined lowpass/high shelf filter. In addition, there is an 8-line Modulation Bus Routing Section (similar to Thor), Reverb & Delay FX, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, and a shared Amp Envelope & Balance control between the 2 sound engines. Additive Synthesis is the opposite to Subtractive Synthesis. Instead of frequencies removed by filters, additive synthesis adds frequencies on top of each other and modulates them in a variety of ways. Read more about this synth and download a 5-page PDF outlining the synth.

Nov 032014
90 - Reason101 Challenge (pt 2)

Last month I launched a new Facebook group called the Reason101 Music & Sound Design Challenge. The idea was to create a place where people could post their music and sound design constructions in a friendly place, then comment and provide constructive criticism on those postings. Often times, we get lazy or hit a rut. And challenges can be helpful to push us further with our development.

Mar 222012
Reason 6.5 Update

With the latest Propellerhead Reason 6.5 announcement, there’s a lot to discuss in the world of Reason. I have been fairly silent over the last few days, even though the forums have been ablaze will all kinds of chatter. Until the dust settles, it’s never wise to jump out and state your opinion. Did that once and it bit me in the behind. But I wanted to provide some of my thoughts on all these new changes, since they are fairly huge, and developing rapidly. So here are my preliminary musings.

Mar 232010
Is the New Apple iPad Worth it?

Here’s the lowdown: I own an iPod Touch, and so I have a scaled down version of the iPad. Do I produce music on it? Nope. Do I want to? Maybe. Why don’t I? Because it’s finicky, toyish and still doesn’t have the feel of working in a real DAW or control of working in a real DAW. And worst of all, it doesn’t have any Propellerhead software on it.