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Download the Backdrop File (PSD – Photoshop) here:
Requirements: Photoshop 6.0 and above.

Description: The ultimate in Combinator Backdrop design. This one file extends the functionality of the original Reason template and takes it to new levels of flexibility. See the features (outlined below the images):

Psychedelic Leaves Backdrop: showing the "Inner Plate" design and 4 different Rotary Scale styles

Psychedelic Leaves Backdrop: showing the "Inner Plate" design and 4 different Rotary Scale styles

The "Outer Plate" style.

The "Outer Plate" style.

The "Glow Plate" design with separated plates.

The "Glow Plate" design with separated plates.


All aspects of the design can be customized since everything is on separate layers. The following can be customized for all elements (both text and image elements):

  • Opacity of the Layer
  • Use of Layer Blend Modes on every layer
  • Color
  • Layer Styles
  • Hue/Saturation and other Adjustment Layers

Five types of Rotary Scales can be selected (all scales except the default Hash Scales are shown in the above images):

  1. Hash Scales (Reason’s default)
  2. Point Scales
  3. Bipolar Arrow scales
  4. Ramp Scales
  5. Bipolar Ramp Scales

Three plate designs (shown in the above images):

  1. Outer Plate with Rivets
  2. Inner Plate with Inner drop shadow and adjustable gradient overlay
  3. Separate Glow Plate design

28 Device Names are included and placed in the top-right section of the Combinator, so they are visible even when the Combinator is minimized. Note that you can also adjust the color, opacity, text, layer style, etc. of each name separately (for example, to create separate sets of backdrops for each). The names basically follow the folder structure of the Factory Sound Bank. Select from the following Combi names:

  1. Example Combi
  2. Test Patch
  3. Loop Player
  4. String Section
  5. Voice & Choir
  6. Sound FX
  7. Woodwind
  8. Reed & Pipe
  9. Performance
  10. Pads & Textures
  11. Polyphonic Synth
  12. Synth Lead
  13. Piano & Organ
  14. Orchestral
  15. Percussion
  16. Drums & Beats
  17. Bells & Mallets
  18. Guitar Player
  19. Bass Player
  20. Vocoder
  21. Pattern Seq.
  22. Modulation
  23. Mastering
  24. Fidelity FX
  25. Chorus / Flanger
  26. Reverb Device
  27. Dynamic Processor
  28. Digital Delay

Top and Bottom of the Background is divided into separate layers so you can fill the top and bottom with different designs, fill colors, images, etc. The top portion has transparency locked so you won’t accidentally fill in the bottom portion. So it’s as safe as can be.

A logo layer where you can add your own logo into the design. I might possibly extend this to create an image area for the logo so you can use either an image or text. Right now, the logo is text-based.

The bottom portion of the background has a simple gradient fill layer in which you can adjust how much gradient (lighting) to apply to the design (or turn it off by hiding it if you wish).

Basically, you have a wide degree of control over the look and feel of the basic design. Let me know what you think, and let me know if there is a way I can add to this or make further adjustments. Right now, I’ve made it very flexible. But I’m always looking at ways I can expand on this design and future designs.

  2 Responses to “Psychedelic Leaves”

  1. Sweet backdrops… would it be ok to send you some backdrops i’ve collected over the years for the combi?

  2. @Cyber sequencer,
    If they are your own creations, for sure. I’d love to see them. Better still would be if you provided the link to the location of the backdrops online so that everyone who reads my blog here can also benefit from looking at them.

    If they are not your own, then showing us where they are located via an online link is probably best.

    Thanks for commenting. Glad you like the backdrops!

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