Jul 162011

FlowersWhile there has been a lot of buzz surrounding other Propellerhead news this week, a tragedy has befallen the family of our friend, James Bernard, PH Artists Relations and Reason Specialist. On July 13, 2011, James’ wife, Nicole, passed away. Nicole was 36 years old and was the mother of their four children, Ava, Chloe, Mia and Asher. People in the user community are leaving their expressions of sympathy on on the Propellerhead User Forum in this thread.

A trust account for James and Nicole’s four children has been established, and people can make a tangible gesture by contributing to this fund. The button below takes you to the paypal portal for the Bernard Childcare Trust:

Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your family James.
[Reprinted from http://www.peff.com/journal/2011/07/15/in-memory-of-nicole-bernard/]

  4 Responses to “In Memory of Nicole Bernard”

  1. That’s really sad to hear I hope he is able to get things back in and line is strong for his children

  2. Matt,
    I will pass along your condolences to James. This news is very tragic indeed. Thank you, and all at Pyramind for your thoughts.

  3. This is gut-wrenching news – even now a full month after the fact. Please accept the deepest of condolences from the entire Pyramind staff. Our deepest thoughts are with James and his family as they work through this tragedy.

  4. Wow, so young. So sad to hear.

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