New CD Release! 2011 Kicks off

2011 is here and it’s time to kick off the new year, get back to work with some crazy ass tutorials, make music, patches, refills and all other kinds of crazy things. To start the year off, I’ve released a new CD which you can check out at CD Baby.

New EP: Standing in a Hallway Staring at a Door2011 is here and it’s time to kick off the new year, get back to work with some crazy ass tutorials, make music, patches, refills and all other kinds of shenanigans. To start the year off, I’ve released a new CD which you can check out at CD Baby: Standing in a Hallway Staring at a Door.

This CD comes out of several more melancholy ambient tracks that I’ve been toying with all year and whittled down into a 37-minute EP carpet ride. It also was part of a challenge of mine to stick to the sounds that are found in my Generations refill. To that end, about 99% of the music on the CD is from that refill. A challenge to be sure; my fingers kept venturing into some of the other finer refills in my collection. But will power called me away and demanded I try creating something fully “mine” this time around. It was the first time I did and I’m pleased with the turnout.

I’ve also released a free download which is an alternate demo version of the last song on the CD (Locked), which you can find here in my trusty Soundcloud widget below. Feel free to have a listen, download, and share the tune. Just be sure to let them know where they can find the full CD if you do. Your help spreading the word is always greatly appreciated.

Locked (Demo) by Phi Sequence

Enough about that blatant self-promotion stuff. Now what tutorials do you want to see in the coming year? What types of sounds would you like to have in a refill? What general thoughts do you have about Reason and Record. Share your tips and tricks and fantastic creative voyages you’ve had with the software. I’m all ears.

9 thoughts on “New CD Release! 2011 Kicks off”

  1. This is crazy! I love it, I’m having to rethink the concept of music all over again since getting R5 the stuff people produce is just amazing.

    I come from a totally different music background. For that reason I feel the need enrolling at Berklee just so I can get a better understanding of this software to enable me to start experimenting and having a different approach to my music.

    You guys totally inspire me!


    1. @everythingbutthegirl,
      Thanks for commenting. Reason can definitely open you up to a lot of musical creativity. As long as you don’t get bogged down by its limitations, it can do so much, at such a little cost (as far as value for your money and also in terms of it being light-weight on your computer resources). Good luck with Berklee. I know Peff was teaching a Reason course there, not sure if he’s still doing that or not and when and where, but you should definitely look into that.

      I find inspiration in many of the people within the community as well. Just take a quick look at my “Resources” sidebar, and you’ll see those that inspire me: Peff, EditEd4TV, Hydlide24 at The Sound of Reason, Meowsqueek and Koshdukai, Robbneu at Reason Patch-A-Day, Lewis Filter, and many others. There’s a great wealth of inspiration and knowledge out there just for the asking.

      Good luck at Berklee! Let us all know how you make out. And after you finish your course, maybe you could write a critique. I’d be happy to post it somewhere here on my blog.

      All my best,

    1. @James,
      You don’t have to wait for this CD. It’s already here. lol.
      And if you want a ReFill with thousands and thousands of sounds, you might have to wait a little while for that. But more importantly, why do you want yet another ReFill when you have over 200 GB of sounds, loops, samples, and such already? Holy crap man slow the train down! Take a long breath. Use what you already HAVE creatively. Hoarder! Just kidding :-p

  2. but more than any others…. i want something similar to trilogy, atmosphere, etc…. entire refill of just pads, then another of just bass- i don’t mean a few- i mean THOUSANDS – a desert island kind of refill. heh

  3. BARburyinThe only reason (no pun indtneed) I use reason is because of its ease of use and features. I’ve been a reason user since version 2.4 .so I had to use another DAW for my vocal recording. Thus I came into the world of Vst’s. I now own 4 Daw’s and hundreds of Vst’s (literally). I’ve spent a lot of money on Vst’s because they are a godsend. Not having to keep my Triton, Korg keyboards and other hardware synths, because I bought the software equivalent was helpful (space wise and for when I travel. I use Vst’s because there are so many great sounds and effects these companies have to offer (Waves bundle, the Korg M1, EZdrummer, iZotope, Kontakt, Philharmonik, Reaktor5 ..just to name a few I own). Since reason 4 or 5 making music in a sequencer has never been easier, but I cannot use my favorite sounds or effects!to answer your question, I use reason cuz its easy and fast to use .but as far as being open and playing with others (in the box) it doesn’t.

  4. -008’2 things:1. If you have so much inevetsd in VSTs than WHY are you using Reason?That doesn’t make any sense.You knew Reason didn’t accept VST when you bought it, right?2. The true sample choppers (that use reason) use RECYCLE. It can’t be beat for that.Sampling window is just clean ol school simple sampling not chopping or effecting etc.

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