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Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason RackRobert Anselmi’s Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack

Complete coverage of all Reason 7.0 core devices & 8 Rack Extensions, with 101 in-depth tutorials focusing on basics, utility constructions, sound design, advanced usage and Rack Extensions. This book is built from the ground up to explore all aspects of the Reason Rack.

With forewords from Kurt Kurasaki (Peff) and Ed Bauman (EditED4TV).

The first half covers all core rack devices & 8 Rack Extensions front and back. All sliders, rotaries, buttons, and audio & CV connections are explored visually. The second half of the book provides 101 different ways you can integrate those devices together to create practical applications.

This manual provides all you need to know to start out using reason and take your skills from Basic to advanced, and beyond. Save time learning the Rack in the most intuitive way possible, and keep your copy handy as a desk reference while you work.

Features & Benefits:
  • Save time and learn Reason visually, in the most intuitive way possible.
  • All 43 Core Devices & 8 Rack Extensions comprehensively & concisely explained.
  • 101 detailed step-by-step tutorials cover basic to advanced Reason lessons.
  • Device section cross-referenced with Tutorial section for easy navigation
  • Learn the secrets of Reason sound design, FX & audio routing, and utility construction.
  • Merges the theory with the practical, offering many creative ideas along the way.
  • Useful as a handy desk reference when looking for answers.
  • Premium options provide an additional 250-patch ReFill and coil binding.
  • Full Color options with higher quality paper.
  • All options provide both an electronic PDF & printed book.
  • Picks up where the Operation Manual leaves off.
Ordering Options
Black & White Color
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Black & White Perfect Binding
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B&W PDF Copy*
Black & White Coil Binding
Black & White Book
(Coil Binding).
B&W PDF Copy*
Companion ReFill*
Color Perfect Binding
Color Book
(Perfect Binding).
Color PDF Copy*
Color with Coil Binding
Color Book
(Coil Binding).
Color PDF Copy*
Companion ReFill*
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*Note: To receive the PDF Copy and Companion ReFill, you must forward the receipt that was sent to you from after your order is placed. Forward the receipt to Once I receive your receipt, I will send you the PDF and ReFill download links (depending on the order option you chose). The PDF and ReFill download links will be sent to you in two separate emails, and will be sent to the same email you used to forward the receipt. This is a manual process, so please allow up to 24 hours for download file delivery.
Black & White PDF Color PDF
Rack Guide PDF (Black & White) Rack Guide PDF (Color)
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Sample Files:

pdf-iconTable of Contents

pdf-iconBook Introduction

pdf-icon“Hardware Interface” (Device Section)

pdf-icon“Random Audiomatic Kong FX Selector” (Advanced Tutorial)


How do I order? / What’s the order process?

When you click the “buy now” button, you are directed to to order the hard copy book. You will then receive two emails from Lulu: a “Thank You” email and a “Receipt” email. To receive the electronic PDF copy and Companion ReFill, forward a copy of your Lulu receipt to Once I receive your receipt, I will send you the electronic PDF, and ReFill file (depending on the order option you chose). The PDF and ReFill are sent to you in two separate emails, and are sent to the same email you used to forward me the receipt. This is a manual process, so please allow up to 24 hours for download file delivery.

This process must be performed because Lulu does not provide customer information to publishers. Without this information, there is no way for me to track your order, and no way for me to know where to forward the electronic files. The receipt is only used to confirm you have placed an order, and to fulfill the electronic portion of your order. This information will not be shared with any other third parties.

Are the tutorials provided on your Reason101 website found in the book?

While many of the tutorials found on my website are found in the book, most of them have been updated and expanded. I took a year off to organize and update them. In addition, there are numerous tutorials in the book that are not found on the website. Finally, the first half of the book where all the devices are outlined are exclusive to the book, and not found on the website.

What are the product specifications?

  • Book: 360-pages. Publisher: Reason101. Author: Robert Anselmi. Language: English. Product Dimensions: U.S. Letter 8.50 x 11” or 21.59 x 27.94 cm. Shipping Distribution:
  • PDF (black & white or color): Encrypted PDF Optimized for fast web view (smallest file size). PDF stamped with customer Name / Email / Transaction ID.
  • Print Cover Stock (all options): 100# / 270gsm laminated stock
  • Print Interior (black & white): 60# / 90gsm white text stock. Perfect or Coil binding, depending on order
  • Print Interior (color): 80# / 115gsm matte white text stock. Perfect or Coil binding, depending on order

  58 Responses to “Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack”

  1. sweet! ordered mine-all-mine. a must-have. thank you for your hard work to make this happen, rob.

  2. Holly,
    No problem. My pleasure! Hope you get a lot out of it!

  3. I cannot buy the discount one, paypal refuse ‘cannot proceed’ without any more informations…

  4. Deisss,
    I’ll send you a private message with instructions. However, this looks like it’s a paypal issue, not an issue with the order process here through my site.

  5. After checking it seems to be my problem… So i contact paypal…

    If they don’t reply i may take the lulu one (at least i can use credit card there) ;)

  6. Deisss,
    You should be able to use a credit card through paypal as well, even for the PDF-only copy. But if paypal is giving you problems, then contacting them is the best way to get your problem settled. Let me know if I can help you in any way or answer any questions you might have. And thank you for your support and feedback!


  7. Finally I could get it working ;)

    Cheers and thanks for help !

  8. Deisss,
    No problem. I don’t think I helped much, but I’m glad you got it working. Hope you enjoy the book my friend. :-)

  9. You must have known how important this book was to guys like me because there’s a frustration with the lack of proper and complete resources covering the things you have covered.

    This book is going to help bring back the fun and take away the fear factor when using Reason 7 and it’s numorous Rack Exstentions.

    Thanks for sharing you’re knowledge and keeping us in the game.

  10. Michael,
    You’re most welcome. I am trying to fill up a gap that needed filling in terms of written documentation for the program. The operator manual is a wonderful resource, but it’s not as comprehensive and concise as I would like, and it’s impossible to print at over 1,000 pages. You would be paying a very hefty price tag to have it printed.

    I’m glad you appreciate the idea behind this, and I hope you learn a lot from the book, while having a lot of fun as well.

    PS: I sent you an email in response to your question.

    All my best,

  11. what “refills” come with the books? I think this book is an awesome resource. Please clarify the refills that you’re providing.


  12. The ReFill (which comes only with the coil-bound options – both color and Black & White) is a ReFill with 250 patches. About half of those patches complement the tutorials in the book. In other words, most of the patches that the tutorials are creating can be found in the ReFill so you don’t have to go through the process of creating them from the ground up. The other half of the patches go beyond the book and provide alternate routing ideas, and sound designs that aren’t found in the book at all. The ReFill is broken down into these two sections. And the patches that complement the tutorials are logically named, so that if you are reading about tutorial #23, for example, you can go into the ReFill, and navigate to all patches starting with “23” in the patch name.

  13. Hi Robert,

    I am trying to see which Refill is the one included with highest level purchase, and also whether shipping (international) is included in the total price.

    Thank you!

  14. I’m sorry – I didn’t notice the above reply at first. Refill question answered :)

  15. Ecoholic,
    Glad you found the answer to your ReFill question. As for the shipping, it is not included in the stated price. The shipping is calculated by when you place the order, and is based on your preferred shipping method and geographic location.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    All my best,

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