Mar 312010

Download the zip file here: 6-thor-patches

Description: These are a few various Thor patches I’ve come up with in the past week. I was going to provide a few Thor patches to Robb’s excellent site: Reason Patch-A-Day (and yes, that’s a different Robb — you can tell because of the second “b”). However, I came up with more than I expected and so here are a few “extras” if you will.

There’s six patches in this zip:

  1. (Lead) Tightrope Bounce
  2. (Lead) Trance Trauma
  3. Throaty and Bouncy
  4. Footsteps Behind you in the Night
  5. Marauders
  6. Modular Bells

They are basic Thor patches. Feel free to use them in your own projects, and if you do, please let me know so I can post a link to your work here. Also let me know what you think. Comments and discussion are always welcome! And keep checking in here, because there’s much more in store and coming your way soon.

All my best!

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