Nov 122010
38 - Kong as Scene & FX Selector

Calling Kong a “Drum Designer” is like calling a Computer a “Typewriter” — sure that may have been the original intent, but it’s so much more. Here I’ll show you a whole new side to Kong. This tutorial will use Kong as a mini Scene Selector, to imitate Ableton Live’s Session view and then also use it as an Effects selector for any audio you like. In this way, you can switch between clips (Rex Loops) and Scenes (groups of Rex files). We’ll also use one of Kong’s pads to cycle through as many FX as your processor can hold. Hours of fun.

Nov 102009
Apollo Mission

These are two Pad sounds based on an FM tutorial I read on the Propellerhead site. However, this sound is completely different from the sound I heard there. I just love the space of the sounds. One is clean, the other is distorted with a moderate dose of noise.