Jun 132014
Kong Unique Drums Patch Pack

Another Freebie Friday here at Reason101, and I thought I would share a few unique Kong Drum ideas that you can use. The idea is to showcase some different concepts that you might not have thought about from inside Kong, while keeping everything centered inside the Kong Drum Patch format. As I’ve learned, there’s a lot of variety and complexity you can create inside a Kong Drum Patch, even without routing external effects and / or samples. So if you want to see some of the ways this can be done, open up Kong, download the files, and load the patches. Then use them as a springboard for your own creations. Always fun to do on a lazy Friday.

Apr 062011
58 - Taking Komplete Kongtrol

This tutorial should prove a little enlightening for those that only think of Kong as a basic drum module. Here we’re going to twist it into the ultimate controller for everything under the sun. For starters, I’ll show how Kong can control 8 filters at once, and then I’ll move on to use Kong to control the FM Pair Oscillator in Thor. Using some of these methods, you’ll be able to control pretty much anything in Reason or Record with Kong; moving traditional device control from a basic keyboard to a Pad controller.

Mar 292011
57 - Kong FX Chain Builder

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a flexible FX chain that has 8 stops along the chain, and at each of these stops, allows you to select from 1 of 6 different FX devices. This means you have a total of 48 different FX devices to select from in the chain, and the possible permutations of all these FX are 8×7 possible FX combinations, which amounts to 40,320 possible FX chain permutations.

Jan 262011
47 - Beyond Kong Pad Banks

In this tutorial, I’m going to dispel the myth that Kong can’t contain multiple pad banks — that is, multiple kits. Here I’ll show you two ways to extend Kong by either Layering multiple Kong devices, or switching between multiple kits (from one kit to another). Method 1 uses the Combinator buttons to trigger 4 different kits (which can be layered). And Method 2 uses a Kong pad to trigger 4 different Kong banks, making it self-contained in a single Kong device.

Jan 252011
46 - Kong Keyboard Piano Roll

Once again we have a new use for Kong. This time, we’ll turn Kong into a Piano Roll. On my Maschine, I can turn the entire device into a Keyboard by going into a special “Pad Mode – Keyboard (Button 1).” So I got to thinking if this was a possible setup for Kong in Reason. Sure enough, there’s an interesting way to work this out. Since most of the time, you’ll probably want to work on a Sampler device for this kind of feature, we’ll set it up within an NN-XT (or at least a group of NN-XTs). This way, you can insert the sample kit of choice, or your own samples directly into the device.

Jan 142011
43 - RPG-8 Arpeggio Fun (Pt.1)

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a few interesting ways you can use the RPG-8 Arpeggiator in Reason 4 and above. We’ll first cover the basics and then move into more interesting territory in Part 2. For this tutorial, I’ll run through setting up an RPG-8 device, and then explore all the device parameters.

Nov 122010
38 - Kong as Scene & FX Selector

Calling Kong a “Drum Designer” is like calling a Computer a “Typewriter” — sure that may have been the original intent, but it’s so much more. Here I’ll show you a whole new side to Kong. This tutorial will use Kong as a mini Scene Selector, to imitate Ableton Live’s Session view and then also use it as an Effects selector for any audio you like. In this way, you can switch between clips (Rex Loops) and Scenes (groups of Rex files). We’ll also use one of Kong’s pads to cycle through as many FX as your processor can hold. Hours of fun.