Apr 182010
Selectable Thor Filter

In this set of video tutorials, I’m putting together a Selectable Thor Filter (with Envelope). Select between the 4 Thor filters, adjust Frequency and Resonance, as well as apply the Thor Step Sequencer to gate the Global envelope, which in turn adjusts the Frequency, Resonance, or Chorus Modulation Amount. Also switch between any combination of all three envelope destinations. Fun stuff!

Dec 142009

This is a cross between a beat or rhythm generator and a synth. I wanted to come up with a template to use as a hybrid that could be used to effect a great range of sounds and possibilities all from within a single combinator. Very light weight and easy to use. Great as a Combinator Template for your own sounds.

Nov 102009
Apollo Mission

These are two Pad sounds based on an FM tutorial I read on the Propellerhead site. However, this sound is completely different from the sound I heard there. I just love the space of the sounds. One is clean, the other is distorted with a moderate dose of noise.