Jan 262011
47 - Beyond Kong Pad Banks

In this tutorial, I’m going to dispel the myth that Kong can’t contain multiple pad banks — that is, multiple kits. Here I’ll show you two ways to extend Kong by either Layering multiple Kong devices, or switching between multiple kits (from one kit to another). Method 1 uses the Combinator buttons to trigger 4 different kits (which can be layered). And Method 2 uses a Kong pad to trigger 4 different Kong banks, making it self-contained in a single Kong device.

Sep 272010
29 - Synth Drums from Scratch

The subject of today’s tutorial is how to create your own standard drum sounds via synthesis. Here, I’m going to show you a few techniques to bring these drums to life, with little more than a Thor, Malstrom, or Subtractor synth, and some supporting modules. This is a great alternative to using Drum samples or relying on sample CDs for your drum sounds, though those are both great alternatives that should not be overlooked.

Jan 202010
11 - Creative ReDrums (Part 3)

In this Tutorial, I’m going to show you a few other innovative things you can do with a Redrum device and a little imagination. First, we’ll build upon the drum kit we created in Part 2, and then branch out to show how you can chain your drums together and layer them to give a richer thicker sound. Finally, I’ll point out a few other quick and easy tricks, just to get your inspiration flowing.