Dec 182015
"Scream Therapy" ReFill

Scream Therapy is an effects-based ReFill using the Scream device from Propellerhead Software. This ReFill contains many different experimentations and uses for Scream, with a focus on distortion, from mild-mannered, to full tilt throttle. All 10 algorithms are explored, as well as the various EQ (cut) and Cabinet models (body). An immensely wide selection of Scream presets and Combinators to bring your audio damage to new places.

Oct 232010
36 - Let's Talk Compression

Let’s start talking about Compression. In one of my previous tutorials, I showed a way you could use Kong to parallel compress a Kick Drum. So that was one method. But here are a few others that everyone should know about, especially if you’re working on most dance music genres.

Jun 232010
22 - Parallel Effects Processing

Split an audio signal into multiple parallel audio signals, send them to various effects, and then merge them back together. You control the mix level of all 3 effects and the original signal. As an example, we’ll create a Dynamic Effects processor (Compressors / Equalizers) to apply to your bass sounds.

Apr 222010
BV512 Spectrum Analyzer

This is what fills my heart with warm fuzzies. When those that are part of the Reason and Record community come together to Analyze and tackle some of the more difficult aspects of the software and fill in the gaps that may be left by incomplete specifications. Wendy Dunham and Giles Reaves have teamed up to provide the penultimate BV512 Vocoder Spectrum Analyzer for Reason and Record.